The low moisture cheese produced by DS LDA is a dairy product, specifically cheese, according legislation.

Drying cheese is a very known process that is used since the beginning of the dairy industry and transforms soft and more or less aged pastes in semi hard or hard pastes of cheese with a variable moisture content.

The drying process used by DS LDA allows the removal of the moisture of the cheese exclusively by physical processes that maintains all the sensorial and nutritional quality of the original cheese.

The DS LDA technology allows the production of unique products that is impossible to reproduce with other technologies:

• The cheese is dried from 32 to 42 % moisture to less than 3% moisture;

• The drying temperatures are low enough to maintain the sensorial characteristics of the cheese;

• The dried product is very crunchy and expanded allowing a consumer experience unique and almost addictive;

• The type of energy used makes the removal of the moisture to happen from the inside to the exterior of the cheese allowing the production of new textures in the final product;

• It is an environmental friendly technology because enables a high evaporation capacity along with a high energy usage efficiency;

• The new product development capabilities are very high and opens new paths, new trends and new experiences in the production of innovative, unique, healthy and funny foods.

Dominant Slice is the company that brings to Europe the first cheeses, 100% cheese, with less than 3% moisture.

In the last 3 years along with our technological partners we developed the application of a patented and unique technology that dries without reducing the value of the products.

The cheeses that we produced are only cheese, dehydrated at temperatures lower than 30ºC and because of this they maintain all the nutritional and flavour characteristics.

Besides that, each of the cheeses we produce are crunchy and expanded becoming a unique experience of pleasure and nutrition.

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